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A PHP client for PubSubHubbub (also known as PuSH and PSHB).

Update 7/5/09:

This library has moved and is now being maintained as part of the main PuSH code base. You can find the latest version in the client libraries directory at


// specify which hub you want to use. in this case we'll use the demo hub on app engine.
$hub_url = "";

// create a new pubsubhubbub publisher
$p = new Publisher($hub_url);

// specify the feed that has been updated 
$topic_url = "";

// notify the hub that the specified topic_url (ATOM feed) has been updated
// alternatively, publish_update() also accepts an array of topic urls
if ($p->publish_update($topic_url)) {
    echo "$topic_url was successfully published to $hub_url";
} else {
    echo "Ooops...";

Credits & license: