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I really wanted to use the phrase “Spammy Davis, Jr” somewhere but I couldn’t find a place for it in the readme. So there it is.


Akismet is reporting Ham as Spam

This troubleshooting item assumes you are setting :content in the has_rakismet hash in your Model

Make sure you are setting the :author and :author_email in the has_rakismet hash in your Model.

If you do not collect “author” and “author_email” data, try the following:

has_rakismet :author => 'anonymous',
          :author_email => 'anonymous@your-domain.com',

If “author” and “author_email” data are optional, try the following:

has_rakismet :author => proc { author.blank? ? 'anonymous' : author },
          :author_email => proc { author_email.blank? ? 'anonymous@your-domain.com' : author_email },

I am currently submitting a mix of both example along with :content and :content_type and everything is working. Not setting :author and :author_email values results in Akismet flagging my Ham as Spam.