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Drawing Template App for Processing Android
Copyright (c) 2013 Josh Giesbrecht

This is code for Android mode in Processing, and creates a standalone
drawing app with basic save, undo, clear, and pen control functionality.

To get started if you haven't used Processing Android yet, follow the
instructions here:

You'll also need to install the controlP5 library for the UI controls.

The template is based on a simple technique of drawing to image buffers;
undo is based on taking image snapshots, not by tracking pen movement.
Drawing is done by moving 'Agent' objects which aim towards the current
'mouse' (ie. touch) position.  Customize the Agent class to make the agents
move (and draw) in more interesting ways.  I've also tried to leave comments
in helpful places, but if you're stumped on how to change something you can
ask via email.

I've stripped down the code that defines the Agent's movement to something
more basic than my Swarmpaint app, but left in a lot of hard work getting
Undo, Save, pause and restore, and auto-scaling controls to function.

My hope is that this template empowers more people to create unique
digital drawing tools that express their own intent and style (without all
of the pain of trying to get nice things like Undo and pause/restore

If you like this template, you can show your appreciation by picking up
my own generative drawing app, Swarmpaint, in the Play Store:


josh giesbrecht
thoughtlost studios


Template code for a basic generative drawing app in Processing Android




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