A backend plugin for Statsd to forward flush events to RethinkDB
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A backend plugin for Statsd to forward flush events to RethinkDB.


Suppose you wanted to use StatsD as your main event stream aggregator due to its simple interface and its ease of integration with existing services. Perfect! Unfortunately, StatsD does not persist events or metrics for historical analysis. Enter RethinkDB.


In your StatsD installation folder, run:

$ npm install statsd-rethinkdb-backend

Include the backend in your config.js file (see example configuration file below for complete configuration example).

  "backends": ["statsd-rethinkdb-backend"]


There are several configuration options that are available for this backend.


Allows you to specify which version of the rethinkdb module that is used to perform RethinkDB operations. Each version of RethinkDB requires its clients to be the same version.

host, port

Include the host and port where your RethinkDB instance is running.

db, table

Include the database name and table where you want the metrics stored.


Set to true to get some logging included.

Example Configuration

  backends: ["statsd-rethinkdb-backend"],

  rethinkdb: {
    package: require('rethinkdb'),
    host: "localhost",
    port: 28105,
    db: "some_database",
    table: "some_table",
    debug: true


Feel free to leave issues here or fork the project and submit pull requests. If there is a feature you would like added just submit an issue describing the feature and I will do my best.