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A work-in-progress Tetris clone for the TI-nspire CX
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A work-in-progress Tetris clone for the TI-nspire CX.


TiTRIS is being written as a fun challenge to make a fast-performing Tetris clone for my graphing calculator. Much of the game data is stored as hex values, using bitwise operations to modify the state of the game. This makes some parts of the code a bit difficult to read at first, but I'm happy to answer any questions.

Tetrominoes are represented as 2-byte hex values, with arrays to represent their rotated states. More information about tetromino structure can be found in piecelayout.txt.

When completed, the state of the 10x17 game board will be represented in only 68 bytes of memory.


If you want to run this game, you will need to install the Ndless jailbreak on your calculator. You will also need to install the Ndless SDK on your computer to compile the code.

Also, make sure you have a TI-nspire CX running OS version 4.5.1180. I haven't tested this on any other calculator or OS version, so I don't know what will happen. You can always use some emulator.

  1. Install the Ndless jailbreak on your calculator.
  2. Install the Ndless SDK on your computer.
  3. Clone this repository to your computer.
  4. Run the provided makefile to build the code.
  5. Transfer the generated TiTRIS.tns file to your calculator using the official TI Computer Link Software or other equivalent linking program. I use TILP.
  6. Open TiTRIS.tns from the "My Documents" screen, and the game will run.

Guides for installing the Ndless jailbreak and SDK can be found via Google.


If you would like to contribute to this game, send a pull request. I'm not really looking for help, but if you come up with something cool I'd love to merge it in!

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