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asOne builds a support network of close friends for the night to take steps to ensure everyone’s safety, fighting bystander inaction.



  • Periodic update of geolocation and battery
  • Status sharing
  • Battery life level notifications: when battery is at 5% send location and push notification (in progress)
  • Audio recording triggering by friend in group in case of emergency (status not updated in a while, location elsewhere, phone about to die and not responding), but this audio will not be streamed or leave the user’s device. Can only be shared/released by the owner of the device, to combat he said / she said (in progress)
  • Ping (Soft push or loud sound played) (in progress)


  • Group creation flow
  • I’m home automatic ping
  • Uber integration: if phone dies while driving, we can use the Uber API to let the group know their friend has gotten home safe

Project by:

  • Revan
  • Josh
  • Jeff
  • Brian
  • Ibrahim