please make sure ActiveModel::Naming is included....? #5

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I get the following error:
please make sure ActiveModel::Naming is included so completeness_scoring can translate messages correctly (CompletenessFu::CompletenessFuError)

I'm not sure what that means or what to do. I am in Rails 3.0.0


joshk commented Jul 7, 2011

Hi @anglecode,

I have fixed the issue, which was a bug, well, poor programming tbh.

I was including the ActiveModel::Naming module into my class I was using for testing, and checking if the module was included, when really if I had checked the docs for AM::N I would have seen it needs to be extended into the class.

This should now work on master. If you are able to test this code and confirm it works I will release a new gem.

Thanks a bundle for reporting this issue, and sorry about the delay in replying :/


pmoran commented Jul 16, 2011

I can confirm this is working on master (with Rails 3.1.0.rc4). Nice work!

how can I check this, can I use with bundle or do I need to do something else?

I just set Gemfile :git => to your git file and did a bundle update, hopefully that's right if not, let me know...

@angelacode angelacode closed this Jul 21, 2011

pmoran commented Jul 21, 2011

Yes. I was able to set my Gemfile to use master via:
gem 'completeness-fu', :git => "git://"

It's definitely solved when using your github account for the gem. You should release a new gem, this is a fantastic resource!

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