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Devise user account suspension module
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Devise - Suspendable

Devise-Suspendable is a simple module which uses the Devise authentication framework Activatable module hooks to provide a simple clean way to suspend an account.

When an account is suspended the date and time of suspension is recorded, as well as an optional reason, for easy reference.


Either install it as a plugin:

script/plugin install

or a gem (using any of the following)

  1. sudo gem install devise_suspendable in your command prompt

  2. config.gem devise_suspendable in environment.rb

  3. gem devise_suspendable or in your Gemfile

And don't forget to add Devise!


Once devise-suspendable is installed, all you need to do is setup the user model which includes a small addition to the model itself and to the schema.

First the schema :

create_table :users do |t|



and don’t forget to migrate :

rake db:migrate.

then finally the model :

class User < ActiveRecord::Base

  devise :authenticatable, :trackable, :activatable, :suspendable
  # or :database_authenticatable in 1.1


Remember to include :activatable so the Activatable hook is included.


Devise-Imapable works in replacement of Authenticatable, allowing for user name (or email) and password authentication. The standard sign_in routes and views work out of the box as these are just reused from devise. I recommend you run :

script/generate devise_views

so you can customize your login pages.

please note

This plugin is similar to Lockable and can be used along side it, as long as Lockable is using token or timeouts as the unlock strategy.

So remember ...

  • Lockable is great for failed login tracking, and subsequent locking

  • Suspendable is best for manual account suspension

  • Maintaining your active users is part and parcel of running a web app



  • tests, tests, tests

Released under the MIT license

Copyright (c) 2010 Josh Kalderimis,