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Rhodia is a logger for the browser. An exceptionally simple logger. So simple it might be too simple.

There is much beauty in simplicity, but if you find a feature you just must absolutely have and think is a good idea please open an issue and let me know.


First add a script include.

<script type="text/javascript" src="rhodia.js"></script>

Now we have access to a global object called Rhodia. We pull logger instances off of this object. Instances are cached and can be re-used. More on this in a bit.

var log = Rhodia.getLogger('main');
log.alert('This is an alert!');
log.error('Error is the default log level.');
log.trace('Trace is below error, so this will not show.');

Logging is asynchronous. This means that sometimes you will see logging events after other events. Take for example an thrown error.

log.error('Error coming up!');
throw "Error occured";

You will see Error occured before you will see Error coming up!. In the cases I tried at least.

Re-using a logger is as simple as recalling getLogger with the same name. Suppose you create a logger main and then change the logging level.

var main = Rhodia.getLogger('main');    // Fetch the logger called 'main'.
main.setLevel('FATAL');                 // Only `fatal` level and higher shown.

Assuming the page hasn't been reloaded, fetching the 'main' again will return that same logger with the level already set.

Rhodia.getLogger('main').error("This won't be shown because the level is below fatal.");

Log Levels

There are nine log levels, and eight practical ones.

  • TRACE - Used for tracing through programs.
  • DEBUG - Often used to add debugging information.
  • INFO - Most used level in development.
  • WARN - Warning conditions, not necessarily errors.
  • ERROR - An error occurred, most used for production environments
  • ALERT - Akin to Something bad happened. This is a red flag.
  • FATAL - Program cannot continue.
  • OFF - Not a real log level. Use it to turn logging entirely off (instance.setLevel('OFF')). Of course you can always log at an OFF level by saying'This is stupid logging.').


There are probably other client side loggers. Are they any good? I can't really say. I haven't tried them. This is a work-in-progress.

About Me

Please see the dedicated about me.

About The Name

The name comes from the paper and notebook maker Rhodia. Famous for using high quality paper wrapped in a very distinctive orange. They are a subsidiary of Clairefontaine, but I thought it would be easier to type Rhodia.


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