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Command-line utilities for RAD Studio / Delphi / C++Builder
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A collection of command-line tools and utilities for Embarcadero RAD Studio (Delphi and C++Builder).

All scripts require Python 2.7 to run.

Tidies up a .dproj, .cbproj, or .groupproj file, organizing the various keys and attributes and file listings, to make it easier to track in version control or compare in a diff tool like Beyond Compare. (See RSP-11308 for more details on why this is important.) also adds comments explaining files' build orders, to make changes to build orders easier to understand when viewing diffs of project files.

Sample usage: Beyond Compare integration

To configure Beyond Compare to automatically tidy project files when comparing them:

  1. In Beyond Compare, go under Tools, under File Formats.

  2. Click "New..."

  3. Choose "Text Format" and click OK.

  4. Enter a name of "Embarcadero Project File."

  5. For "Mask", use the following:

  6. Under the Conversion tab, set Conversion to "External program (Unicode filenames).

  7. For "Loading:", enter the following:

    c:\Python27\python.exe path\to\RadCli\ %s %t

Sets the version number for one or more Delphi or C++Builder project files.

There are a couple of good options for setting a project's version number(s): DDevExtensions offers a nice GUI (along with many, many other useful features), while this Embarcadero Community post provides a simple Delphi console app for command-line use. Compared to that, has a couple of unique features:

  • It can update several files at once. If passed a .groupproj, it updates every member of the .groupproj.
  • It can automatically update the copyright year (if present) as well as version numbers.
  • It's cross-platform, in case you want to manage your releases from a non-Windows machine.
  • It probably supports more versions of RAD Studio, although I haven't extensively tested this.

Sample usage:

c:\Python27\python.exe path\to\RadCli\ 1.2.3 MyProject1.dproj MyProject2.cbproj MyLibraries.groupproj
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