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Google Test Pretty Printer

gtpp (Google Test Pretty Printer) is a pretty printer / test listener for Google Test.

Google Test is a great testing framework for C++. It has lots of powerful features, good popularity, a fully functional mocking library that works with it…

There's one problem. Google Test is loud. gtpp makes it much more pleasant to use.

See these screenshots for an example.

(gtpp is not a Google project. The author is not affiliated with Google.)


  • Quieter output - By default, Google Test prints 2 lines of output per individual test, plus 3 lines for every test case. gtpp prints one line per test case under normal operation, without sacrificing any detail if individual tests fail or need more detailed output.
  • If even that's more verbose than you'd like, then use --failures-only, and only failing tests (or any test with actual output) will be left on the screen.
  • Automatic verbosity - If test filtering is enabled, because you're trying to zero in on particular problems, gtpp automatically switches to more verbose output.
  • Details of test failures - The list of failed tests at the end includes actual actual and expected values, instead of forcing you to scroll back up to find details on what went wrong.
  • Smart time output - Google Test prints how long each test takes. gtpp enhances this to only print interesting test cases' times (over 50 ms by default; configurable with --print-time=N), to help you focus on slow tests.
  • Unicode output - because every test runner needs ✓ and ✗. You can use the --ascii option to switch back to plain ASCII if your terminal doesn't support these characters.


  1. Clone the repository.

    git clone
  2. Install prerequisites. For example, on Ubuntu:

    sudo apt-get install python3-colorama

    Or set up a virtualenv and install prerequisites there.

    cd gtpp
    python3 -m venv env
    . env/bin/activate
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Run your unit tests through gtpp. For example:

    path/to/ ./test_suite [--gtest_args...]
    # Or
    path/to/ make test

    Or run your tests normally and pipe the results through gtpp. For example:

    make test |& path/to/

Why Python?

Google Test provides its own Event Listener API, so why write an external program? Partly for flexibility - this allows any test suite that uses Google Test to work, without source modifications - and partly for power - because the external program sees all of the output, it can add features like including failing tests' full output at the end of the run.


Google Test Pretty Printer





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