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@joshkel joshkel released this Dec 17, 2013 · 1 commit to master since this release

No major new gameplay, but several improvements to the UI and other refinements.

  • Noteworthy UI improvements
    • Character sheets and map tooltips include non-physical melee damage (such as a fire ant's bonus fire damage).
    • When inspecting an enemy, the character sheet's tooltips for the enemy's Attack and Defense values show the hit chances for you versus the enemy.
    • Character sheets list special movement qualities (flying, random movement, etc.).
    • Proficiencies' tooltips provide more information about proficiency level.
    • Digging implements' tooltips tell how long digging will take.
  • Gameplay tweaks
    • Boost Fourth Blessing: Longevity.
    • You can now use the Mining talent without a digging implement (although it will take longer).
    • Healing potions' effects now scale with constitution.
  • Other UI improvements
    • Improve object tooltips for multiple objects.
    • Improved Pick Up Items dialog.
  • Bugfixes
    • Inventory screen tooltips sometimes failed to show.
    • A missed Fire Slash failed to display its "near miss" message.
    • Saving a game while Poisoned Dart was in flight didn't work properly.
  • Minor changes
    • Adjust the effect of Mining proficiency on Poison Ore Strike.
    • Reading scrolls now requires the ability to see.
  • Compatible with T-Engine 1.1.0
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@joshkel joshkel released this Dec 1, 2013 · 11 commits to master since this release

Major changes:

  • Boot screen
  • Critical hits.
    • Each attack has a 5% chance of knocking an opponent off balance.
    • The next attack against an off-balance opponent is an automatic critical hit. In addition to dealing 50% bonus damage, critical hits allow you to execute weapon-specific maneuvers, such as a staff sweep or spinning halberd attack.
  • Desperation attacks. When reduced to 30% health or lower, your next attack is an automatic critical hit.
  • Changes to Off-Hand Attack make learning left hand techniques easier:
    • Staffs are now classified as double weapons and so can be used with Off-Hand Attack. (Currently, double weapons only help with Off-Hand Attack; rumors exist of fighting styles that take full advantage of double weapons, but such techniques cannot be found this early in the dungeon...)
    • Off-Hand Attack's tooltip now gives more information, to help you know whether or not it can deal the finishing blow.

Less visible changes:

  • Rebalance health, damage, and armor.
  • Various tweaks to techniques:
    • Blood Sip heals on hit as well as on each turn.
    • You can now step past unconscious opponents who you've chosen not to kill.
    • Pickpocketing an unconscious creature always succeeds.
    • Creatures who've regained consciousness are still groggy and unable to act for one turn.
    • Poisoned Dart's poison is more dangerous.
    • Charged Bolt is more accurate.
    • Increase damage on Explosive Tags.
  • Various tweaks to creatures. In particular:
    • Fire ants are rarer.
    • Cave bats know Blood Sip.
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@joshkel joshkel released this Nov 20, 2013

  • New items: meditation scrolls, scrolls of body hardening, smoke bombs, and explosive tags. Explosive tags are particularly fun to play with.
  • AI fixes: dog-head men no longer shoot each other in the back, fire ants no longer try to slash you from across the room, and so on.
  • Various other improvements, such as a random name generator and updated particle effects
  • Compatible with T-Engine 1.0.5
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@joshkel joshkel released this Oct 13, 2013 · 77 commits to master since this release

New features:

  • 3 new monsters to fight
  • New monsters mean new qi techniques to absorb. Pursue happiness and good fortune with the Five Blessings, lurk in the shadows with Dweller in Darkness and Bat-Blind Vision, amass a swarm of insect allies with Hive Mind, and more.
  • New game mechanics: Blindsense and blind-fighting now exist. (They're currently only useful when it's dark; blindness itself is coming in a future version.) You can pickpocket your enemies. There's now a limit to how many qi techniques you can know at once, so absorbing a new technique may require that you forget an old one.
  • Various gameplay and UI improvements. For example, the game now tracks all techniques you've learned across any character, so you can right-click an enemy and choose Inspect Creature to see what techniques can be absorbed and which techniques you haven't seen yet.
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@joshkel joshkel released this Sep 15, 2013 · 116 commits to master since this release

Initial beta. It's small (2 basic monster types, 3 dungeon levels) but playable.

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