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- do client blowup detection from sending in tight loop
- allow port to also be listen_port in config file
- queue groups allow selection, e.g. round robin vs random
- Logger rotation should work
- Allow clients to specify app/client name
- [IN PROGRESS] clustering/routing
- [IN PROGRESS] tests!
- [IN PROGRESS] JRuby support - works if you hand run servers for tests
- [DONE] balance receive perf with send perf (EM issue, iovec)
- [DONE] Time interval Pings from server..
- [DONE] Ping/Pong time window
- [DONE] monitoring
- [DONE] Allow monitoring to specify on net param
- [DONE] /connz info
- [DONE] Don't truncate log on startup
- [DONE] Connection queue size dump to log for SIGURS2
- [DONE] Fixed # of replies? sub foo [2], server closes subscription automatically, avoid overwhelming client connection?
- [DONE] Request timeout option.
- [DONE] proper flow control, EM and PING/PONG
- [DONE] request/response automated, just use UUID now.
- [DONE] better reply semantics in protocol.
- [DONE] daemon mode
- [DONE] autolaunch
- [DONE] Queue groups