a repository to explore some alternative service exporters and marshallers for use in Spring
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the spring framework has long supported a consistant raft of RPC mechanisms
with its Service Exporters. As of Spring 3.0, it's also provided a nice SPI
to support arbitrary serializers (marshallers, or, more properly,
HttpMessageConverters) in the REST support provided by the framework.

Both of these mechanisms are powerful, and expose flexible SPIs that can be
used to teach Spring new tricks.

This is particularly valuable in the world of serializers and RPC
mechanisms, which tend to move much quicker than individual Spring framework
releases. For example, Cassandra (itself only a 0.7 project!) has already
had a full integration with Thrift and has now moved on to support Avro.
Ex-Googler Dhanji Prasana called (http://rethrick.com/#waving-goodbye) Google's
Protocol Buffers (which Google's used over a few iterations for years) an
"ancient, creaking dinosaurs" compared to MessagePack, JSON, and Hadoop. 

So, understanding that the space is too voilatile to try to track in Spring
proper, I've started building these implementations.

 the support defined here should work for:
  -- service exporters (where possible)
  -- HttpMessageConverters (REST serialization)
  -- JMS MessageConverters
  -- AMQP MessageConverters

 serialization technologies to support include: 
  -- Avro
  -- Thrift
  -- MessagePack
  -- Google Protocol Buffers 

 RPC technologies include 
  -- JBoss Remoting
  -- MessagePack RPC
  -- Thrift RPC 
  -- Avro 
  -- Netty? 

New Note 5

Build Spring OBM -- object-to-binary marshallers. this would let you then
build ONE JMS MessageConverter and ONE AMQP MessageConverter and ONE
HttpMessageConverter and then delegate to the object-to-binary marshaller
and unmarshaller, a la Spring OXM