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Spring Travel
This repository holds various incarnations of the Spring Travel application designed to support more advanced examples, and in particular the more advanced requirements of the SE team.
There are two versions of the travel application at the moment:
- spring-travel-webflow-faces-x-cloud : this is an experiment at getting as many JavaEE-friendly technologies working in a spring application in the cloud as possible. This predates CloudFoundry's GA, so is mainly about Google App Engine, Spring WebFlow JavaServer Faces, etc, running on Google App Engine against their in-private-beta SQL engine. This work is not the thrust of the effort, but something somebody might find useful, some day. It also uses Spring 3.1 and profiles and other features. Very likey, this will simply become a tag and the other project moved up.
- spring-travel-webflow-mvc-x-cloud : this is a much more robust version, based on the work done in the spring-travel-webflow-faces-x-cloud, but taken further, and with CloudFoundry in mind. It exports a RESTful interface, Spring 3.1, JPA 2, bean validation (I think?), and more. The project has two sub projects: clients, and servers. The server of course is the Spring travel web application. In the clients folders are two examples, one demonstrating how to use the Spring Android project to build an Android mobile phone application that can consume the REST services provided by the web aplication, and another demonstrating how to build a Zimbra Zimlet (a little plugin that you can add to your Zimbra desktop or any Zimbra installation to drive the search hotels/book/confirm workflow from Zimbra's calendar). In this same way, you might imagine an Adobe AIR client being added.