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Slack is a 2D game library for Scala, inspired by Slick2D and scala.React
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"Slack is the end result of all quests of a carnal or spiritual nature." -- Philo's Historie (The SubGenius Psychlopaedia of Slack)

Slack is a 2D game library written in scala, intended to provide functional reactive programming tools for game programming and wrap Slick2D.

I began by exploring scala.React, although I've now given up on that project for now -- and am now exploring Elm as a model.

Important: There are two scripts for downloading the necessary native libraries for Linux and OSX.

At the moment, there is an initial ReactiveGame which implements Slick's BasicGame and a runnable test that is primarily for initial experiments with scala.React and Slick. Slick's Scrollable demo has been ported to Scala, but not with a functional approach.

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