Design and Roadmap

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ArduinoX (current name is temporary) is a next generate IDE for Arduino. It is meant to do everything the current IDE can do but with a better out of the box user experience. It should have a modern feel, be attractive, adhere to modern UI guidelines, and be easier to use. In particular it should address long standing usability problems with the official IDE.

Here are a few examples of things we want to address:

  • a better editor with a nice anti-aliased font, line numbers, and proper platform specific keybindings (like the emacs nav keys on Mac OS X).
  • when working with multiple sketches it is easy to forget which sketch goes with which device and serial port
  • it is very difficult to use multiple serial ports at once
  • it is hard to search example code. You have to open the example to learn what it does, resulting in lots of extraneous windows.
  • there is no update mechanism to receive settings for new boards and examples, especially non-official Arduino boards.
  • there is no way to discover and search 3rd party libraries
  • there is little documentation about arduino in the IDE. You have to go to the website.

These problems and more should be addressed by ArduinoX