Simple test case and test runner around NodeUnit + JSDOM
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This is just a simple wrapper around NodeUnit and JSDOM for browser-ish unit / integration tests. Its purpose is to remove some boilerplate from setting up a DOM and making libraries accessible via the test object.


Currently, it is only available via git at . Once you have downloaded the project, you can install to your current directory with:

npm install path/to/domtest

...or, you can install globally with:

npm install -g path/to/domtest


Creating the simplest possible test should look like:

var testCase = require("domtest").testCase;
module.exports = domTest({

    testSomething: function(test) {


However, this is pretty useless. Assuming a project structure like this:


...test_advanced.js might look something like:

var domTest = require("domtest");

// overriding default globals, which are ["$", "jQuery", "_"]
domTest.defaultGlobals = ["$", "MyAwesomeObject"];

module.exports = domTest.testCase({

    html: "path/to/base/file.htm",
    scripts: ["path/to/extra/scripts.js",],

    setUp: function(callback) {
        // optional: do some set up stuff here...

    testjQuery: function(test) {
        var title = this.$("h1").text()
        test.equals(title, "LOL I HAZ A CAT");

    testMyLibrary: function(test) {
        var result = this.MyAwesomeObject.doIHazCat();

    tearDown: function(callback) {
        // optional: undo what you did in setUp


The options that can be passed into domTest are listed below.

Running Tests

DomTest comes with a small test runner wrapped around nodeunit. If you installed it globally, it should be available as "domtest", otherwise it might be in the local node_modules/.bin folder.

Running it looks like:

domtest path/to/tests.js

Or you can pass in directory, and it will hunt for Javascript files that begin with "test":

domtest path/to/tests/

Since it wraps NodeUnit, it should also bring in any plain NodeUnit TestCase objects too, not just domTests.

Currently, there's an issue where you'll need to press Ctrl-C when the tests are finished. (It will say "OK" or "FAIL" to let you know that it's done.) Some callback is not being fired, apparently.

DomTest Options

By default, a test case only expects one or more functions that start with "test". However, since this is a DOM test, it will usually be important to import some sort of HTML base, as well as other Javascript libraries to test.

The following is a list of options that DomTest uses.

  • setUp: function(callback) - Provides a custom setUp to be called after domTest has finished setting up.
  • tearDown: function(callback) - Provides a custom tearDown function to be called after domTest as finished running tests.
  • html: string - A path to the HTML content that will be loaded by JSDOM.
  • scriptPath: string - The "base" path for anything provided to scripts.
  • scripts: array - A list of local paths to extra Javascript files to load. By default, domTest will attempt to load any scripts in the HTML content.
  • exportGlobals: array - A list of top-level objects to make avalable on the domtest testCase. By default it includes jQuery and Underscore. These can be used within tests by "this.$" or "this._", assuming those are loaded.

Additionally, domTest.defaultGlobals allows overriding of what's included on every test by default.