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import sys
class LocalClasses(dict):
def add(self, cls):
self[cls.__name__] = cls
class Config(object):
This is pretty much used exclusively for the 'jsonclass'
functionality... set use_jsonclass to False to turn it off.
You can change serialize_method and ignore_attribute, or use
the local_classes.add(class) to include "local" classes.
use_jsonclass = True
# Change to False to keep __jsonclass__ entries raw.
serialize_method = '_serialize'
# The serialize_method should be a string that references the
# method on a custom class object which is responsible for
# returning a tuple of the constructor arguments and a dict of
# attributes.
ignore_attribute = '_ignore'
# The ignore attribute should be a string that references the
# attribute on a custom class object which holds strings and / or
# references of the attributes the class translator should ignore.
classes = LocalClasses()
# The list of classes to use for jsonclass translation.
version = 2.0
# Version of the JSON-RPC spec to support
user_agent = 'jsonrpclib/0.1 (Python %s)' % \
'.'.join([str(ver) for ver in sys.version_info[0:3]])
# User agent to use for calls.
_instance = None
def instance(cls):
if not cls._instance:
cls._instance = cls()
return cls._instance