Vagrant + Puppet configuration for a Node.js + NPM + Nodeunit + JSDOM + JQuery test framework.
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Javascript Test Box

The purpose of this is just to create a basic Vagrant box that compiles Node.js + NPM and installs NodeUnit + JSDOM for unit / integration testing of Javascript code.

Theoretically, this should be able to test standalone libraries and simple DOM libraries. Eventually, I want to add jQuery-Mockjax so that mock AJAX calls can be easily created, and I want to abstract a simple jsdom / jQuery TestCase so that the boilerplate in tests.js isn't necessary.


You will need Vagrant and VirtualBox first.

All you should have to do to spin this up is:

vagrant up

Then, to actually run the tests:

vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant
node runner.js [optional path(s)]

The paths you pass to runner.js will be parsed looking for nodeunit tests. If not path is provided, it will search the current directory recursively for tests.

There are almost certainly better ways to do this -- please let me know all of the gross abominations you notice, assuming you have a fix. :)