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This is just an early experiment with Node.JS + Socket.IO.
You can play with a live example at
+There isn't a datastore / persistence layer yet. That may
+be coming... but it's a goofy little project, so don't hold
+your breath. :)
+* Node.JS (http://node.js)
+* NPM (if you install packages using it :))
+* Socket.IO (npm install
+* Express (npm install express)
+* EJS (npm install ejs)
+Just a node app, so:
+ node app.js
+ NODE_ENV=production node app.js
+etc., work like normal.
+The default configuration options are in config.js, but
+I recommend creating "development.js" or "production.js"
+files in the main root instead of jacking with config.js,
+unless you want to make changes to every installation.
+These will be automatically used based on the contents
+of "NODE_ENV"

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