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tests and features : clean commit of PR #17 with 1_1_X #19

wants to merge 8 commits into from

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Hey @joshmcarthur,

I needed a clean merge #17 and #15 to push my features into production, so I decided to quickly merge #17 with 1_1_X branch and tests are green yay !

I am sorry if you were already working on it.

Please let me know if I can help,


Hey @sbounmy,

I'd prefer these gems to be in the gemspec, using add_development_dependency - this keeps the Gemfile clean, and makes sure all the gem dependencies are listed in one place.



I have spent some time getting these changes merged in, but it looks like you've beaten me to it!
I'll pull down this PR tonight, and get the specs running. If everything looks good, I'll merge into 1_1_x.



hey @joshmcarthur looks like I can't use add_development_dependency for test env gems, it is complaning about missing faker etc when running specs, any thoughts ?


Hey @sbounmy,

Have you run bundle install? I didn't run into any problems myself… If you can't get it going, I'll have a shot tonight - it's quite a common pattern though, so it should work.

Another thing to try is make sure you're running you're specs through bundle exec - this should auto-require all the gems in the gem spec anyway before running the command.


my bad @joshmcarthur,

require 'ffaker' in spec_helper is needed when using gemspec dependency instead of gemfile !


Hi @sbounmy!

I've pulled your changes down and got the specs running - thanks for that.
Most things look fine, but I've got a failing spec on line 20 of import_products_spec.rb - it looks like either the job isn't processing properly, or something is going a bit funny in the import - the product page is empty, when it should have the imported product on it.

I've pushed my merge branch to 1_1_x_merge if you have the chance to take a look and offer any pointers - otherwise, I'll carry on debugging this tonight.


Hi @joshmcarthur,

Thanks for merging !

Look like I can't reproduce your error, did you run rails generate delayed_job:active_record then rake db:migrate in spec/dummy ?


Hey @sbounmy,

Yep, did those things when I pulled it down. It looks to me like the job isn't enqueueing properly in Delayed Job - when I try and work_off the jobs, I get zero successes, but also zero failures, and no processing for that file shows up in the logfile.

Could you let me know what version of delayed_job you are using? That's the only thing I can think of right now that might be different.


hi @joshmcarthur,
I have delayed_job (3.0.1) and delayed_job_active_record (0.3.2) !


Why do we need spree_auth? I was trying to upgrade import_products to work with spree 1.2.0 and found out that it is not possible to do so because of spree_auth that has a dependency on an older version of spree (= 1.1.3). I couldn't spot usages of spree_auth in code. Unless i'm missing something, are there usages of spree_auth in code?

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