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Add my notes for Adam Lisagor's presentation

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+Adam Lisagor
+* Summarize idea/project into a few sentences or paragraphs
+* Summarize what we are going to do into same? Maybe?
+* Treat projects as characters - need to show respect, thoughtfulness
+Much of what he said was from a contractor point of view:
+* Feel the burn - getting excited about a product or idea is a good sign
+* The treatment - treat ideas with respect, ensure a good handle on everything
+* Only work with people who want to work with you - if they need convincing, it's not good
+* Manage expectations - be honest about what they can expect for what they are putting in, etc.
+* Clients like to think of their products as nicer, sexier versions of themselves? (Disclaimer: was tuned out at start of that point)
+> I don't know how to make a viral video. I can't do that."
+The Feedback Loop
+* Feedback is important - silence means they don't like it, but you need to pull the feedback out of them - you need to get what they don't like, so you can fix it.
+* Need strong communicators at both ends
+* Speak with one voice (when it's more than 1-1)
+* Be open to clients having "great ideas"

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