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A skin for WYMEditor extracted and tweaked from Refinery CMS
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REFINE: A Wymeditor Skin

This is a skin for Wymeditor that has been extracted from the open-source project, Refinery - I like its clean, no-frills approach to the editor, with just the bare amount of functionality there to let the average user get by.


Download the folder into your skins directory (Usually under the main wymeditor directory:

  • git clone git:// [wymeditor_path]/skins/refine


There are a couple of places to set the skin to use - to find them, search for default in jquery.wymeditor.js ('default' is the name of the - well, default skin that wymeditor uses. Replace default with refine and enjoy!


Refinery CMS is licensed with MIT, so I'm going to do the same. I should also note that all design credit goes to the Refinery guys - all I've done is pulled this out of the project to use in my own things.

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