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python and javascript tmux, vim and zsh configuration inspired by the great jarrod taylor
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dotfiles for the javascript and python developer

Install instructions

  1. Clone this repo into ~/dotfiles
  2. Run the script which will create the required symlinks in your home folder
  3. Pip install jedi globally
  4. After installation the first time you open vim run :NeoBundleInstall wait for it to complete and exit vim

What I find helpful about this configuration

The prompt

activates any python virtualenv matching the name of your directory
activates any rvm gemset matching the name of your directory
adds any local node_modules to your path so you can execute them
move to the beginning of the line = control a
move to the end of the line = control e
move forward a word = control f
move backward a word = control b
delete a letter (the one under the cursor) = control d

TMUX integration (to start a new session type tmux/ to join tmux attach)

the tmux leader key is control plus spacebar

create a new "tab" in tmux = leader c
rename a tab in tmux = leader ,
switch tabs in tmux = leader # (meaning the number of the tab)
create split virtical split in tmux = leader -
create split horizontal split in tmux = leader |
move between all panes /tabs using tmux = vim keybindings (j/k/h/l)
move up to read a stack trace in tmux = leader spacebar then vim keybindings
copy to tmux buffer = leader spacebar then go into visual mode and y to copy
paste from tmux buffer = leader spacebar then go into visual mode and p to paste
resize a split in tmux = leader option arrow (left / right / up / down)

VIM project navigation (always open vim from the project root)

the vim leader key is spacebar

basic movement in vim (j/k/h/l)
sneak plugin = f (followed by 2 chars you want to search for)
W = if you use capital W it will move like word but between words-with-hyphens_or_underscores
find by file = leader ff
find in buffer = leader fb
switch between 2 buffers = leader spacebar
ack across the project = leader a
grep -v that ack search results window = leader v
to keep that quick window open select an item with o (not enter)

nerd tree (2 different ways to open it)
leader d will open the directory tree (no context)
leader nt will open the directory and navigate to the active file
search for a word in a specific directory = ms (within nerd tree)
create new directory/file in nerd tree = ma (within nerd tree)
delete a file in nerd tree = md (within nerd tree)
move/rename a file in nerd tree = mm (within nerd tree)
copy file = leader cf (give the new file a name and hit enter)

jump to definition = leader j
if you jump to def in a non python file ctags are required
generate a ctags file for the above (think reindex) = leader ri

visual find/replace = leader fr
copy/paste will use your system clipboard from vim
to clear your search in vim = esc esc
jj and jk are both remapped to escape to stay on home row

test method = leader tm
test class/module = leader tc
test file = leader tf

to run the python tests for django web apps the .vim-django file is required

to run the javascript tests out of the box it's setup for mocha and npm test

to run qunit tests just modify the command invoked to be qunit instead
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