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You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up!
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You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up!

Motivation / About

To be able to have a consistent "portable" work environment with familiar tools anywhere you go. Starting with Laravel/Homestead, you can toggle features in the provisioning script (


  • Username/Password: vagrant/vagrant
  • Root Username/Password: root/VAGRANT
  • mounted folders:
  • /user_home => mounts host home directory
  • /vagrant/ => mounts 'dotvagrant'
  • /vagrant-data/ => mounts '..' or the parent of 'dotvagrat'
  • gui - gnome-shell
  • vb.memory = "5025"

Included with Laravel Homestead:

Included Extras:


WebDev Specific Tool:

Getting Started:


To speed up your vagrant reloads with vagrant-cachier to locally store apt, deb, etc. Make sure you have Vagrant 1.4+ and run : vagrant plugin install vagrant-cachier

To run 'dotVagrant' Run this:

git clone && cd ./dotvagrant && vagrant up && vagrant reload


zsh powerlines:

###Homage: All things dot files:

List of all things:

Noteworthy (Most of the dot files listed here and in the above list are designed for OSX, for OSX vagrant vagriant see below):

note: these projects are great for developers who are mac fans (this guy) but leaves your windows work pc out to dry thus adding emphasis for the need of this project (dotfiles contained in a vagrant).

OSX vagrant:


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