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BlockchainMower is a Proof-of-Concept for tokenized real-world assets
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  • Josh McIntyre




  • BlockchainMower is a Proof-of-Concept for tokenized real-world assets


Git Workflow

  • master for releases (merge development)
  • development for bugfixes and new features

Building (Python and Prebuilt Firmware)

  • make build Build the application
  • make clean Clean the build directory


  • Query the Bitcoin Cash blockchain for a current token owner using SLPDB
  • Request a signature with a message based on asset id, owner, and timestamp
  • Sign a message using a private key on a USB drive
  • Verify the signature to verify ownership of the asset
  • Drive a relay to start up a lawn tractor (Could be used to drive a solenoid to open a lock, etc. Lots of possibilities for adapting this code!)


  • Requires Python3 and Adafruit Crickit libraries


  • Raspberry Pi


General usage

  • This prototype has several parts required for usage - Rpi with Adafruit Crickit hat, USB key, LED & switch, relay, wires set up for tractor circuit
  • When properly set up, the Pi will automatically verify ownership using the USB key and signature challenge-response
  • If the owner is approved, an LED will light up indicating the mower can be started
  • By pushing the push button switch, the tractor will turn over!
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