MnemonicGen creates BIP39-compliant seed phrases for Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash wallets
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  • Josh McIntyre




  • MnemonicGen creates BIP39-compliant seed phrases for Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash wallets


Git Workflow

  • master for releases (merge development)
  • development for bugfixes and new features


  • make build Build the application
  • make clean Clean the build directory


  • Generate a 12-word BIP39-compliant mnemonic seed phrase in English
  • Print this seed phrase on the command line for backup/wallet creation


  • Requires Python with bitstring
  • Use pip install bitstring if it is not already available


  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOSX


Command line usage

  • From the command line in the build directory, run ./ or python
  • Write down the mnemonic phrase in order
  • Import the seed phrase into a modern HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash wallet. Examples include the wallet,, or Electron Cash

Security Considerations

  • PLEASE NOTE - Every effort is made to learn and follow best practices in the development of this software. However, this code should be considered academic/experimental. Use at your own risk.
  • Always store your seed phrase in a secure location. Write it down and keep it somewhere safe, or use an encrypted password manager.
  • This tool does not require any network connectivity. Consider running offline to mitigate eavesdropping.
  • This tool uses Python's os.urandom to generate entropy for the seed. The underlying OS implementation determines the level of security. (/dev/urandom on Unix-based systems, CryptGenRandom() on Windows). It may be best to avoid using fresh machines or VM's as insufficient entropy may be used to generate a less-secure seed.