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h2. Migration from Globalize
See this script by Tomasz Stachewicz:
+h2. Changes since Globalize2 v0.1.0
+* The association globalize_translations has been renamed to translations.
+h2. Alternative Solutions
+* "Veger's fork": - uses default AR schema for the default locale, delegates to the translations table for other locales only
+* "TranslatableColumns": - have multiple languages of the same attribute in a model (Iain Hecker)
+* "localized_record": - allows records to have localized attributes without any modifications to the database (Glenn Powell)
+* "model_translations": - Minimal implementation of Globalize2 style model translations (Jan Andersson)
+h2. Related solutions
+* "globalize2_versioning": - acts_as_versioned style versioning for Globalize2 (Joshua Harvey)
+* "i18n_multi_locales_validations": - multi-locales attributes validations to validates attributes from Globalize2 translations models (Sébastien Grosjean)
+* "Globalize2 Demo App": - demo application for Globalize2 (Sven Fuchs)</li>
+* "migrate_from_globalize1": - migrate model translations from Globalize1 to Globalize2 (Tomasz Stachewicz)</li>
+* "easy_globalize2_accessors": - easily access (read and write) globalize2-translated fields (astropanic, Tomasz Stachewicz)</li>
+* "globalize2-easy-translate": - adds methods to easily access or set translated attributes to your model (bsamman)</li>
+* "batch_translations": - allow saving multiple Globalize2 translations in the same request (Jose Alvarez Rilla)</li>

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