Proximity multiplayer game discovery tool - i.e discover play mates with the same game/app to enjoy some social competition on your long commute home to and from work
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PlayMate is a P2P matching making utility, helping connect people to make their journeys and interactions more social and enjoyable –once installed PlayMate will scan your installed applications and query them against an online database to determine which ones are multiplayer (proximity) enabled and their associated requirements. Once this is done you can run the service, selecting what channel to search (e.g. Wifi-Direct), when you encounter another PlayMate the matching game's icon will be displayed - tapping on it will launch the game for you to go head to head with your PlayMate.

NB: it is very new and the P2P database is currently being populated - if you develop (proximity) multiplayer games/apps, then please email me ( to add you games/apps to the database. Also note that when launching via PlayMate - it has a bundle with a key "lab.wmp.playmate" with the value of the current version number (currently 1) - in the future it will also include playmate details to allow developers to quickly know the context i.e. launch into P2P mode straight away.