Simple dialer for Google Voice in ruby
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Simple dialer for Google Voice in ruby

A ruby class for authenticating and dialing with Google Voice (assuming you have an account).

Currently involves scraping the GV Inbox page for the necessary auth-token.

This is shady practice; it's working right now, but might stop without warning because GV has not released an official public API (yet?).


Thanks to the slick mechanize gem, this project was very very easy.

$ sudo gem install tenderlove-mechanize

Example usage

dialer ='', 'password')
dialer.dial(my_number, their_number)
dialer.dial(my_number, another_number)
dialer.logout	  # if you feel like it


The script also supports being run from the command-line; this could be integrated with your preferred non-ruby-based mechanism for looking up numbers:

$ google_voice_dialer.rb <email> <password> <local-number> <remote-number>

Like this (number formats don't matter, as long as they appear as a single argument -- no spaces):

$ google_voice_dialer.rb password 206-555-1212 2065551234