Lightweight and nestable grid system.
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Lan Grid System Logo

Lan Grid System

Lightweight & Nestable


Live demo:

Blog post:

  1. Set an element as a container by using the grid class.
  2. Declare columns using BEM syntax (grid__col--{width}).
  3. You're all done!

  • You need to use block-level elements when declaring containers and columns.
  • White space between columns needs to be commented out in your markup.
  • To nest columns, simply use the grid class on each parent column.
  • Keep your grid abstracted by using dedicated elements to avoid style conflicts.
  • Read more about this grid system here.

<div class="grid">
	<div class="grid  grid__col--67">
		<div class="grid__col--50">
	 --><div class="grid__col--50">
 --><div class="grid__col--33">