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Database backups with version control.
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Adamanteus is a python tool to provide advanced options for backing up your
databases in a simple manner.

The following libraries are required::

- mercurial (1.5.x only; adamanteus <= 0.5.1 does not support mercurial >= 1.6)

The following libraries are optional::

- pymongo (provides support for non-binary MongoDB dumps)

adamanteus BACKEND [action] -d DATABASE [-r repository] [-u username] [-p password] [-m remote_repo] [-f input_file]

Currently supported database backends are:

1. MongoDB
2. MySQL
3. PostgreSQL

Currently supported actions are:
1. dump
2. load[*]_

Future Plans
1. Restoring from versioned backup
2. Automated cloning/pushing/pulling of backup repository.
3. Integration with Django as a management command.

.. [*] The load action is currently only implemented for the PostgreSQL database backend. It also requires you to manually specify the specific file to load from and does not yet integrate directly with version control.
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