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Seperates user data & manages authorization with role-based access controls (RBAC)


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This plugin manages essential YOURLS functions and separates user data with role-based access controls (RBAC). With access controls enabled, you can safely delegate access to the admin pages and API while keeping link data private. You share an installation, log on, add a link, and nobody else sees it.


  • Easily assign users to roles
  • Easily fine tune role permissions
  • IPv4 based Authentication (optional)
  • All plugin pages, including main management page, hidden to non-admins by default. Easy to unblock pages.
  • Plenty of hooks to filter Roles, Role Capabilities, and any of the default data environemnt (such as plugin page visibility)
  • Fine(r) tuned API access
  • PHP 8 compatible
  • No tracking of admins or editors by default



  1. Download the latest release of this plugin.
  2. Copy the authMgrPlus folder into your user/plugins folder for YOURLS.
  3. Set up some parameters for authMgrPlus (details below)
  4. Activate the plugin with the plugin manager in the YOURLS admin interface.
  5. If you have pre-existing links in your database, you will have to manually asign them a user via an sql querry.

Default Roles

The default roles are set up as follows:

Role Capabilities
Administrator Can manage plugins, no limits, not tracked on any
Editor Can add (+API), access own and all others', edit & delete own & anon URL's, not tracked on any
Contributor Can add (+API), access own and anon's, and edit & delete own URLs, not tracked on own
Anonymous Can add and access (see stats, etc) anon links (If public)


Add role assignments to your user/config.php file.

$amp_role_assignment = array(
  'administrator' => array(
  'editor' => array(
  'contributor' => array(

You can also designate a range of IP addresses that will automatically be granted all capabilities. By default, all accesses from IPv4 localhost ( are granted full access.

$amp_admin_ipranges = array(

Plugin management and plugin pages are available to admins only by default. Individual pages can be exposed to non-admin roles like so:

$amp_allowed_plugin_pages = array(

Explore the code to see how to set $amp_role_capabilities and $amp_anon_capabilities. These are set to defaults in the amp_env_check() function.

You can also assign a default role to all logged-in users that have no explicit role (note, case sensative):

$amp_default_role = "Editor";


This is a fork of nicwaller's Authmgr merged with Ian barber's Separate Users plugin. Both code bases underwent heavy rewrites, and have been extensively updated and tightly integrated here, resulting in a lean and highly functional user authorization management environment.


Dogecoin: DARhgg9q3HAWYZuN95DKnFonADrSWUimy3


Copyright 2018 Joshua Panter
Copyright 2013 Nicholas Waller (
Copyright 2011 Ian Barber


Seperates user data & manages authorization with role-based access controls (RBAC)









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