A Tiny Tiny RSS plugin to post to a Wallabg v2 instance
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Wallabag v2: A TT-RSS to Wallabag v2 plugin

A TT-RSS plugin for saving links to a Wallabag v2 instance.

Installing the plugin:

  1. Clone this repo or just grab the latest release and extract the wallabag_v2 folder into the plugins.local folder of ttrss:

  2. Install PHP Curl

    sudo apt-get install php-curl
  3. Get the Oauth Token/Configuration

    • In Wallabag: Create a new Oath client in the Developer tab, take note of the client id and client secret.
    • In TT-RSS: Enable the plugin and simply fill in the details in the Wallabag V2 Preferences dialogue.

    Special Note: Do not add trailing slashes to any URLs in either the Wallabag or TT-RSS settings or you will get nothing but 404 responses!

  4. Enjoy 1-click posting to Wallabag! (Use Hotkeys! S + W )


  1. This plugin stores and sends Wallabag user credentials to obtain initial OAuth tokens and fetch new refresh tokens every 2 weeks as needed.
  2. Set W_V2_DEBUG to true in init.php and a file called debug.txt will be created in this plugin's directory on error events. The information that is appended to that file will also appear in the developer console as it prints. This information is useful when submitting issues or trouble shooting your setup.

TODO ... which may or not actually ever get done...

  1. Add tag support
  2. Add colour changing button

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Code for this project exists because of:

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