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Docker config for Pleroma OTP releases
Shell Dockerfile
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Docker config for Pleroma OTP releases


  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • openssl


./ setup

You'll be prompted to answer the Pleroma config questions as part of setup. Two questions are particularly important to answer correctly.

What is the hostname of your database?

Make sure to answer "db" instead of the default "localhost":

What ip will the app listen to (leave it if you are using the default setup with nginx)?

Make sure to answer "" instead of the default "":

Setup will generate a self-signed certificate for nginx to use.

If you want to change the certificate, hostname, or ports, you will need to edit:

  • volumes/config/nginx/pleroma.conf (after setup generates the initial config)

If you want to change ports or your host's listen addresses, you will also need to edit:

  • docker-compose.yml

Starting the server

./ start

Browse to https://localhost

Stopping the server

./ stop

Cleaning up

# Remove containers and images
sudo docker-compose down --rmi all

# Delete DB and all config
# Make sure you don't want your data!
# Make sure you're in the correct directory!
# sudo rm -r volumes/
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