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Releases: joshpowlison/showpony

Public Beta 2

17 Feb 01:16
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Public Beta 2 Pre-release

JavaScript Updates

New Features

  • Added Hey Bard! integration for accounts, so bookmarks can automatically be saved and loaded with a Hey Bard! account
  • Added "title" setting that lets you update the website title when changing parts/progressing using the same syntax as the "info" setting. Defaults to false.
  • Added "credits" setting that lets you set credits in the bottom-right. Can also grab images from one of's CDN providers when you write "brandname.logo" in it.
  • "time" event now passes both "file" and "time" values
  • Added "shortcuts" option to support keyboard shortcuts. Can be allowed "always", only on element "focus", only when in "fullscreen", or false. Defaults to "focus".
    • Shortcut keys currently supported are: spacebar (input), left arrow (back 10 seconds), right arrow (forward 10 seconds), home (first file), end (last file), previous track (previous file), next track (next file), pause/play (toggle menu)
  • Added "preloadNext" function which will preload the next image, text file, or multimedia file so that users can immediately load the next part
  • A loading icon will display while loading files and Showpony
  • Can pass relative file and time values for to(), like "+1" or "-10" (must be strings; must have quotes or apostrophes around). This is great for custom buttons you may use around the Showpony window!
  • Can call "fullscreen" function from Showpony with "toggle", "request", or "exit", so that buttons for fullscreen don't just toggle but can specifically be for either exiting or entering fullscreen too.
  • Added "bookmark" option to choose whether to save bookmarks for files or in seconds, like for video and/or audio. Defaults to files.
  • Added % left to watch measure for info
  • Added "data" event that fires when data is updated in the Multimedia engine. Passes "name" and "value".
  • New "ev" function in Multimedia Engine allows you to fire custom events
  • Tons I'm forgetting right now

General API Changes

  • No menu button now; instead, click inside the header to cover the screen (or anywhere on video and audio). The Hey Bard! login button is now where the menu button was.
  • Removed "autoplay" Showpony setting; replaced with "autopause"
  • Renamed time() to to(). This makes more sense since it now has a "time" parameter and not every medium have time as a similar measurement.
  • Renamed "part" value in to() function to "file"
  • Localize scrub() function so it's no longer accessible. It's for changing the user's spot in the menu, and doesn't make sense to have user-accessible.
  • If you don't pass a window value to Showpony, it will automatically create a Showpony object now. Which is also a new feature! Yaay!
  • Showpony setting "path" defaults to "files/" now instead of "" (empty, the current folder)

Bug Fixes

  • Events fired by Showpony now work correctly
  • Scrubbing and releasing over buttons or off Showpony broke Firefox and sometimes Chrome
  • General fixes (browser incompatibilities and the like)

I'm still not going to make this an official, final release until I get more testing in and more testers onboard. But things have moved along really fantastically!

In general- better, faster, stronger! (noticeable improvement when scrubbing especially)

Public Beta

12 Dec 21:24
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Public Beta Pre-release

Showpony has been successfully used in production and significantly updated since then. However, in the interest of making sure it actually works for most users as intended, I am not citing this as v1.0.0. Instead, we are still technically in Beta and I'm starting us off at v0.1.0, for several reasons:

  1. I'm still discovering bugs regularly, although they aren't generally breaking bugs (and may be uncommon).
  2. Personal inability to test on Safari and iOS Safari.
  3. I don't think there's been enough time with ample testing to put this version at 1.0.0

That said, Showpony should be ready for:

  1. Webcomics
  2. Music/Audio
  3. Video
  4. Straight HTML files (like text)

But is not yet recommended for (although has functionality for):
5. Kinetic/Visual Novels
6. Interactive Fiction

If you are willing to experiment, check out the Wiki and website. You may find Showpony is already more than sufficient for your needs!

Let me know of any bugs using the contact info in or using the Issues tab, and I'll do my best to fix them and post the updates!

NOTE: The API, even as documented in the Wiki and on the website, is subject to change in future releases for long-term clarity.