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Hack Night (CodeWars edition)
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Hack Night (CodeWars edition)


  • You must work in your assigned pair
  • You may use any language or tool you like to solve the problems, but there must be some form of program involved. Shell scripts are allowed for example.
  • Bonus points for creativity
  • First with the correct answer wins.
  • Judge's decision is final

Question 1

Print the 10,001st prime.

Question 2

Find the last sentence containing references to both "Prince Vasili" and "Anna Pavlovna" in Leo Tolstoy's epic work War and Peace.

You can find the full text here:

Question 3

You have a database of players, including name, asking price, and their performance in the last season as a score out of 100.

Given a maximum of $700,000 find the set of 5 players with the highest total performance score.

The input is the following:

Alex $198000 98
Barry $159000 92
Carlton $138000 87
Donald $112000 67
Everett $150000 78
Frank $135000 71
Gerhardt $143000 82
Hank $171000 93
Isaac $111000 69

Output should be the best team given the constraints (this is not the answer):

Barry $159000 92
Carlton $138000 87
Donald $112000 67
George $143000 82
Isaac $111000 69

Cost: $663000
Performance: 397

Bonus points if not all combinations are evaluated. ie it should work (fast) for a realistic player pool of 100+ players

Question 4

Decode the following string using the standard T9 mapping

843 78425 27696 369 586733 6837 843 5299 364

Feel free to use your inbuilt dictionary (on OSX):


Once it's working, make it run in under 10s.

Specs are here

spec decoder_spec.rb
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