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HTML Slideshow

Lightweight HTML5-based slideshow

This is a small app for creating slideshow presentations with HTML and CSS. It doesn't do fancy transitions and all that, but it lets you write stuff in HTML/CSS and it gets you from one slide to the next. You can also reveal content with intraslide animations (like Keynote's Builds, but without the animation effects). And, if you're a Javascripter and need to trigger scrolling T-Rexes or other dinosaur animations, you can bind to events that fire with each new slide.

Using it

The example slideshow contains instructions. Basically, you build your slides as HTML5 section elements like this:

    <h1>Hello, interwebs explorer.</h1>
    <h2>How to use this thing</h2>
  <p>Press the right arrow, down arrow, or spacebar to advance; press the left arrow or up arrow to move backward.</p>
  <p>You can also click the left and right arrows in the control bar at the top.</p>

To run Javascript for particular slides you can bind to the newSlide events like this:

$('html').bind('newSlide', function(e, id) { 
  switch(id) {
    case 2:
      console.log('This is the second slide.');;
    case 3:
      console.log('Hello, third slide.');


05/07/2011 - Added swipe support for touch devices

05/01/2011 - Reorganized file structure


View the demo

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