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A collaborative event planner and calendar website.
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Group Calendar

A collaborative event planner and calendar website built with Laravel.


Dev Instructions

  1. Clone Repo
  2. Make a local copy of .env.example via cp .env.example .env. Edit the .env file with local settings.
  3. Install the dependencies with npm install and composer install
  4. Create an app key: php artisan key:generate
  5. Create a symbolic link for the storage folder: php artisan storage:link
  6. Create the groupcalendar database table (or whatever table name you set in the .env file)
  7. Create the database table and seed the demo users/groups: php artisan migrate:fresh --seed
  8. Generate the CSS and JS assets:
    • npm run dev - Dev assets including sourcemaps.
    • npm run watch - Update the dev assets when the source assets are updated.
    • npm run prod - Production assets including minification and version busting.
  9. GroupCalendar uses a queue system to offload event flyer PDF generation. For dev you can use the default sync driver for the queue jobs to be processed immediately or you can use the database driver and Supervisor to manage the queues:
    1. Install Supervisor to manage queue workers: sudo apt-get install supervisor
    2. Create groupcalendar-worker.conf file in the Supervisor config directory, usually found at /etc/supervisor/conf.d (replace the directory below with your dev directory):
    command=php /var/www/groupcalendar/artisan queue:work --sleep=3 --tries=5
    1. Start the GroupCalendar queue processes:
    sudo supervisorctl reread
    sudo supervisorctl update
    sudo supervisorctl start groupcalendar-worker:*
  10. If you are using the database driver, but not using Supervisor, you will need to run artisan queue commands:
    • php artisan queue:work --tries=5 - Start working queue jobs, allow 5 attempts per job and then the job will be marked as failed.
    • php artisan queue:restart - Restart the queue worker, required after any change to the code as queue workers will not pick up any code changes without a restart.
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