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Todo list

clj-github -> tentacles

old irclj -> new irclj

allow for the disabling of plugins on a channel-by-channel basis

improve initial configuration

e.g. Disable all but the most useful plugins. Also need to test it and make sure it is working fine.

move the translate plugin to a new service

Google Translate is no longer free. We need to either delete the plugin or find a new service to use in place of it.

fix issues with the Github plugin

There is some strange bug that is causing the Github plugin to fail if the bot hasn’t been reloaded at least once after starting up on my and Alan’s VPS (the primary lazybot instance). I’ve been having some issues with ports that have kept me from reproducing things locally, but Alan plans to try to reproduce it soon.

weed out crappy and useless plugins

use jodaro’s clj-wordnik

allow for github credentials to be supplied

In which case gists would end up under that account.

document the shit out of everything

With marginalia.

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