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Welcome to TapIt - The NextGen Dance Floor

TapIt is a express,, Redis PubSub powered application. The aim here was to create a proof-of-concept for probably the next-generation of interactive web applications.

Primary Goals

  • Very very low latency.
  • Entirely web-based i.e. no installation required


node - The server-side framework. express.js - The Web server - WebSocket power Redis Pubsub - Wildcard Push Notification support

Setting it up

Install node, npm and Redis. Install the node modules when you clone this directory.

npm install

Because we have the package.json it will automatically installs the dependant npm modules.

Playing the game

$ node notify.js
  • Create a new game! http://localhost:3000/games/new
  • When a new game is created, it gets a unique id.
  • To join a game, http://host:port/game/:game_id/start
  • Enter your handle.
  • Dance your heart you!

And if you wanted a live demo - here you are


Feel free to fork and add more dance moves - Yeah!