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@@ -35,13 +35,13 @@ Playing the game
* Create a new game! [http://localhost:3000/games/new](http://localhost:3000/games/new)
* When a new game is created, it gets a unique id.
-* To join a game, use that unique id and a nick. http://host:port/game/:game_id/:nick
-* If 'gautam' wants to join the game id 'rxd3d', use http://localhost:3000/game/rxd3d/gautam.
+* To join a game, http://host:port/game/:game_id/start
+* Enter your handle.
+* Dance your heart you!
-I have used the smurf cartoons and the game is PRETTY basic.
Feel free to fork and add more dance moves - Yeah!

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