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The beginning of a geo-social platform. Hack Barcelona Project 2018.
JavaScript Objective-C Java Python Ruby
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note: revoked all api keys. In order to use the app, you'll need to replace the maps API and firebase API sections of the app.


HackUPC Project 2018


Map-app (name in progress) is a social platform to find out about events near your current location. Any user of the app can place a pin on the map indicating some activity they'd like to do (Play tennis), and every other user can see that event.


  1. Make a directory for your hackUPC project -- mkdir hackUPC
  2. Pull the code -- git clone
  3. Run yarn, which will install all the project dependencies (specified in package.json) into a folder called node_modules
  4. Connect your device or start your Android emulator
  5. Run yarn run android, and the app should attach to your Android device.
  6. Show Josh the error and he'll hopefully know what to do
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