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This repo and the URL below are not being supported or updated going forward, the live API instance was only ever meant as a demo/proof of concept and not meant to be use in production (as it is currently being used). Despite this fact the last time I checked there are about 6.3M API calls being made every month. I have no desire to keep this updated or attempt to monetize the code/service and I don't ever want to attempt to transfer the code/URL to someone else as this is really nothing more than a tiny amount of code in front of a SQLite DB. Honestly it could be done in less than 30 lines of code.

Ziptastic API

How to use

PS: Ziptastic API supports CORS

About Ziptastic API

Ziptastic API is a super easy to use API that returns the Country, State, City of the zip code you supply. The Ziptastic API was created by Thomas Schultz and then I ( Josh Strange) re-wrote parts of it in PHP using the SLIM framework and hosted it here.

About the Author

My name is Josh Strange and I am a web and mobile developer living in Lexington, KY.


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