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This is where we store the patches and revision of the v8 repository that we use in the Android port of Titanium Mobile.

To build V8, you'll need:

  • Android NDK r6b
  • A recent version of SCons

Build V8 for Android against the NDK:

$ ./ -n /path/to/android-ndk


$ export ANDROID_NDK=/path/to/android-ndk
$ ./

Full usage:

$ ./ -h
Usage: ./ options

This script builds v8 against the Android NDK. 
	-h              Show this help message and exit
	-n <ndk_dir>    The path to the Android NDK. Alternatively, you may set the ANDROID_NDK environment variable
	-j <num-cpus>   The number of processors to use in building (passed on to scons)
	-m <mode>       The v8 build mode (release, debug. default: release)
	-t              Build a thirdparty tarball for uploading