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Fork of Astra Flash components
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Astra Flash Components

Forked by Josh Tynjala from Astra Flash 1.4. Originally developed by Yahoo! Inc.

Since Yahoo! has officially deprecated the Astra Flash components, I created this fork to keep the source available in the event that Yahoo! chooses to remove the project from their developer portal.

Please note: Although I was an original developer involved with the Astra projects when I worked at Yahoo! between 2006 and 2008, I have no current plans for maintaining or adding to these components.


The respository is neither owned, maintained, nor endorsed by Yahoo! Inc.


Download and extract to access the compiled MXP for the Astra Flash components. The MXP may be installed for Adobe Flash Professional with Adobe Extension Manager.

Add the updated ActionScript files to your project’s source path, and they will automatically override the compiled component symbol in the library.

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