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Drag-and-drop wiring UI for Adobe Flex
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source added missing deletingConnection event to wire surface event passing.
.gitignore added support for to override default Flex SDK p… updated build properties for Josh's new system.
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  __ _         _            _ _             
 / _| |_____ _| |_ ___  ___| | |__  _____ __
|  _| / -_) \ /  _/ _ \/ _ \ | '_ \/ _ \ \ /
|_| |_\___/_\_\\__\___/\___/_|_.__/\___/_\_\

flexwires Library for Adobe Flex
Created by Josh Tynjala


Project Page:
API Documentation:

Getting Started:

Author's Blog:

Usage Tips:

1. flexwires uses a defaults.css for maximum compatibility with Flex 4. The
default styles and skins only get included automatically when you link the
project into your Flex application as a SWC. If you need to make source code
changes, you should build a new SWC. See build.xml for details on recommended
compiler arguments.

Release Notes:

The Next Release
   * Fixed issue where connecting property of WireManager could be incorrectly
     set to false.
   * Fixed null reference error in WireJack when calling disconnectAll().
   * WireJack skin now properly changes state when enabled changes.
   * Added getWireBetween() to IWireManager
   * Changing wireRenderer on IWireManager will now recreate existing wires.
   * Added cancelable WireManagerEvent.DELETING_CONNECTION to match
   * Simplified and fixed choosing of bezier points in DefaultWireRenderer.
07/01/2010 - 1.1.0
   * Added "hasActiveConnectionRequest" to IWireManager and implementations.
   * Added "clickToDrag" static property to WireJack class as an alternative
     that does not require holding the mouse button down to connect wires.
   * Placeholder wire now properly displays while dragging in Adobe AIR.
   * Moved default styles to defaults.css and updated for Flex 4.
   * Minimum version is now Flex 3.5.0.
11/11/2008 - 1.0.0
   * Initial Release for Flex 3.2.0
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