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Robotlegs 1.x ported to Starling
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Robotlegs Framework for Starling and Feathers

This is a complete port of Robotlegs version 1.x targeting Starling Framework instead of the classic display list. Unlike the robotlegs-starling-plugin, which extends the existing Robotlegs library to add support for Starling display objects, this fork changes the core internals of Robotlegs to specifically target Starling only.

Notable Changes and Features

  • Uses instead of for all events, including the context.
  • Support for Starling's event pooling, to reduce garbage collection and increase performance (especially on mobile!).
  • Can take advange of the data property on Starling events and the optional strongly-typed data argument on Starling event listeners to avoid the creation of many event subclasses.
  • Adds a dispatchWith() convenience function next to the existing dispatch() convenience function on things like commands and mediators to quickly dispatch pooled events.



Built with Starling Framework 1.8. Feathers 2.2.0 or newer is required to work with Feathers components. Feathers is completely optional when using Robotlegs for Starling.

Compatible with Starling Framework 2.


Based on the hard work of the original Robotlegs contributors. Ported to Starling by Josh Tynjala, creator of the Feathers open source user interface components for Starling.


The following open source applications are built with robotlegs-framework-starling:

  • feathers-weather is a mobile app built with Starling, Feathers, and Robotlegs that uses weather and location APIs from Yahoo.
  • The official Feathers SDK Manager is an application that simplifies installation of the Feathers SDK by downloading all of its dependencies.
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