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Mostly static website for learning computer networking. The non static part is a simple browser-based network simulator, built in vanilla Javascript.

August 26, 2019

The majority of the main animations are implemented. I knew this would be the most difficult part as when dealing with graphics you're dealing with representation only (thats not an actual PC on screen just a drawing of one, and Canvas has no built in way of knowing where or what it is or that it even exists, you have to architect a description of the PC in data to make the application aware of it). I could leave animation here, not implementing any further capabilities and the app will be fully functional for all intents, though there would exist some inconveniences such as not being able to delete only a connection, leaving the device on one end or another (right now you may only delete devices, which take their connections with them), or not being able to resize the topology (ie. a zoom button/slider). I think I will move on with implementing some networking functionality, and circle back to the animations later so as not to get bogged down before actually being able to call it a network simulator.😆

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